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Small Business Holiday Preparations

October 14, 2015

I will admit that it seems a little bit cruel to be bringing up this subject mere days after most Canadians have settled into their couches to recover from Thanksgiving, but for small businesses of all kinds it paramount to look ahead at the winter season to come. That’s right. Christmas and New Year holidays […]

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October is Small Business Month!

October 5, 2015

Did you know that October is Small Business Month in Canada? Well, it is – and it’s time to make the best of it! In Merchant Advance’s home province of BC alone, 98% of firms are classified as small businesses – those with under 50 employees. With such overwhelming statistical importance, it is fitting that […]

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[VIDEO] Loans 101 – Your Credit Score

October 2, 2015

This week, we welcome another new face to the Loans 101 series: Head of Underwriting, Dominik St-Denis! When it comes to small business lending, perhaps one of the biggest and most recurring sets of inquiries we get from new applicants centers on their personal credit score. As the blog has investigated in numerous past instances, […]

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[VIDEO] Loans 101 – Working With Brokers

September 28, 2015

This week’s edition of Loans 101, our ongoing video series, is a little bit different in a couple of key ways. First, it features the video debut of Merchant Advance’s VP of Marketing and Operations, Alex Chisholm! Secondly, it deals with a side of the Merchant Advance model we don’t often discuss here on the blog […]

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Loans, With a Side of Emoji: WeChat To Offer Loans By Text

September 25, 2015

Note: This Blog Originally Appeared at the blog.  Would you sign up for a loan from your text message service or favourite social network? That’s the question that China’s Tencent Inc, makers of the popular WeChat messaging app, are asking users with their introduction of a new feature called Weilidai — which literally means […]

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New Data Shows Growth in Small Business Loan Activity

September 21, 2015

Canadian small business data provider and risk management institution, PayNet, has released new data showing improvement in commercial borrowing at the end of the second fiscal quarter. The Canadian Business Lending Index offers 19 distinct indices measuring lending activity of small and medium businesses in Canada: it rose to 135.8 in June from 134.0 in May. […]

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[VIDEO] Loans 101 – How Long Does It Take to Get Funded?

September 16, 2015

Our Loans 101 video series is back and better than ever! This edition of the series, which should herald a return to more frequent updates, features Merchant Advance CEO David Gens addressing one of the most important questions we get from Canadian small business owners every day: how long does it take to go from […]

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Organization Helps Small Business Loan Success

September 14, 2015

I recently read an article, written by a fairly large SMB issues blogger, aimed at helping businesses understand the reasons that their small business loan applications may have been rejected by one provider or bank or another. Most of these were fairly standard concerns about credit score or proof of business history. However, this blog […]

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A Small Business Primer on the Canadian Federal Election

September 9, 2015

Though we don’t strive to be overly political or partisan here at the Merchant Advance blog, we would be remiss not to comment on the (seemingly interminable) run toward the next Canadian federal election, to be held in mid-October. In a landscape of changing economic conditions both domestically and internationally, Canadian small businesses and their owners are a […]

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Ch-Changes: Versatility and Adaptation in Small Business

September 4, 2015

Your small business may focus of the day when it will be recognized as a local institution: a place where those in the know go to find what they need, with the history and the legacy of service that will attract customers both old and new. There’s a perceived degree of commitment required in the pursuit of […]

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